Breckenridge Tops the Best in Summit County

By Monique Mertrandes

I stand by my belief that anyone looking to find the best dining, golfing and a lot of recreational experiences in Summit County will find them in Breckenridge. The claim is without any prejudice, as it is supported by facts, like the choice of the residents of Summit Country, expressed through a survey conducted by Summit Daily News. Breckenridge ranked on top in the following categories:

Best Ski Mountain: It is for real and if you happen to be in Summit County during winter, you should not miss the chance to experience why it is called the best ski mountain. Breckenridge Ski Resort is the locals most frequently suggested place when asked about golf courses. What makes them proud of Breck?

To start with, in Breckenridge Ski Resort there is appropriate terrain for all skiers, from the greenhorn to the experts who want to put to the test their hard-earned skills. Offering the best attributes of a ski resort, like a choice of the gentle or difficult runs, being thrilled by the amazing vista at 12,998 ft, the new highest chairlift in North America, the title is definitely well deserved.

With the award, the locals as well as the visitors are having a good time being recognized as the Best Ski Mountain. They welcome visitors to join the celebration at their favorite bars or cafes.

Best Place for People Watching: When on the mountains of Summit County do not fail to visit Breckenridges Main Street, chosen as the finest place to relax or enjoy in the county. No matter if you go there to buy food for breakfast or you are enjoying a few drinks before calling it a day, take note of the interesting view aside from the mountains.

Top Hiking Trail: If the best ski mountain in Summit County is not open during your visit, do not be upset because you can try what the locals consider as the countys best hiking trail, the Mohawk Trail. Bring sufficient food to provide the energy you will need as you hike the seven mile long trail and see the Continental Falls, the Mohawk Lake along the way as well as the magnificent view of Breckenridge as you turn to the north. Taking the trail is one way to know Breckenridge better.

Best Park for Everyone: While Breckenridges Carter Park is popular among dog owners, there were many other reasons why Summit County residents considered it their best park. The idyllic Breckenridge Park on High Street is the multi-purpose setting for those enjoying a picnic, playing tennis, volleyball, soccer, or just running around as a form of excise. Carter Park is everyones park.

Top Rated Golf Course: The municipal, 27-hole Golf Course designed by Jack Nicklaus in Breckenridge is Summit Countys best for various reasons. Located at 9,234 feet from sea level, it offers the uncommon experience of high-altitude golfing while enjoying the magnificent view of the mountains. You need not depend on the locals judgment that Breckenridge Golf Course could be your greatest challenge yet considering that the Colorado Golfer magazine named it the Toughest Mountain Course.

You should realize that this is just a partial list of the bests that Breckenridge offers its visitors. When you plan to visit Summit County, contact one of the best in offering the ideal accommodations for you - Breckenridge vacation rentals. You cannot go wrong when you go with the best.

Why dont you visit Breckenridge and verify my list? I expect you will find more to make a longer list.

Breckenridge for the Party Animal

- 30675

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Snowboarding Is Whats Stylish In Downhill!

By Clement Call

A uniquely American sport that was developed in the 1960s and 70s. Snowboarding as a sport was influenced by sports like skate boarding or surfing and downhill snow skiing. In its short time the sport has created its very own special vernacular, its own sub-culture, fashion, and even classes or royalty in it.

Early companies produced simple products like the snurfer. (a combined word for surfing and skiing) The first makers of Snowboards like Tom Sims, Chuck Barfoot, and Jake Burton Carpenter revolutionized designs, marketing and production in building an industry as well as a new sport. Snowboarding literally had compounded on itself with its growth to the current levels.

Snowboarders have developed their own language, their own disciplines, and more within the sub-culture. Even the fashion styles and trends involved are nursed from the Snowboarding enthusiasts themselves. The whole scene, while being very dominated by a under twenty-five year old demographic group was very comfortable with its cool, or very rebellious status in skiing circles and on the slopes as well. Though this has specifically been steering toward a change recently.

Snowboarding became an official sport for the 1998 Winter Olympic Games held in Nagano, Japan. The U. S. Stands in first place since in total medal wins since that time with a standing total of fourteen thus far. These medals are broken down as, five Gold, four Silver, and five Bronze. Only fitting for the Nation responsible for its development and maturation as a sport.

In the time since, this sport and the demographics of it have grown exponentially. Along with holding a great style and appeal, Snowboarding has moved from what had once been the occasional group of stylized riff-raff on the slope at the local ski resort, into a giant and growing market segment in the winter downhill sports community. Snowboarders are now representative of a gigantic section of receipt totals on ski resorts books across the nation, and the world as well. It is becoming hard to believe that yes, at one time a decade or two ago the Snowboarders were not allowed on very many slopes at all.

With growth of the sport, as well as the expansion of its demographic over the years, Snowboarding and Snowboarders have been more and more of an accepted presence on the slopes. In March of two-thousand eight, Taos Ski Valley was one of the last of the major resorts in the United States to allow them. Four years before that, Snowboarding as a sport had a number close to six million five hundred thousand participants. The majority of these being in the eighteen to twenty-four age bracket. A VERY tough thing to ignore business wise in the running of a ski resort.

The Boarder cross, the Half pipe, Racing, the Indy cross, even the Rail Jam have come forward to become what seem to be real fixtures on the professional winter sport events circuit recently. Snowboarding has always, and hopefully will continue to contribute a great deal to the revival of downhill skiing and winter outdoor sports. Large scale events like the Ticket to Ride World Snowboard Tour and the X-Games, and even similar events have become giant attractions in the last two decades. The snowboarders of recent times have carved quite a niche out to call their own, both now and certainly into the future.

The future sure does look exceedingly bright for the sport of Snowboarding. No longer simply an outlaw band of individuals seeking something different. The snowboard has become a generator of its own in the overall downhill sports offerings to people wishing to seek adventure. - 30675

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First Time Snowboarder? Read These Tips & Advice

By Alan Ball

The main snowboarding styles are freeride, freestyle and alpine. In freeride, you ride down the face of a mountain, whilst taking in its bumps and curves. Freestyle focuses on tricks and special skills, with spins and jumps being good examples. Alpine is a style similar to skiing, in that it emphasizes fast speed and hard turns.

There are two different stances snowboarding stances that can be adopted. In the regular stance, which is most popular, your left foot goes first. This contrasts to the goofy stance, whereby your right foot goes in front of your left foot.

Unlike skiers, who shift their weight from side to side, snowboarders shift their weight from heel to toe. By shifting your weight forward, you will go downhill and pick up more speed. By shifting your weight backward, you will slow down. When you dig your heels down, you will stop, as the edge of the snowboard will drag and get caught up in the snow.

There is a different type of snowboard for each of the styles: alpine, freestyle and freeride boards. Each is constructed differently in terms of materials, shape, flex pattern, and size. The type of board you ride should correspond to your favored style of snowboarding, your height, your shoe size (your heels and toes should not end up in the snow when you turn) and your weight (heavier riders need a board with a stiffer flex).

Snowboard boots and bindings are essential to attach yourself securely and comfortably to your snowboard. The higher the quality of the ones you get, the more control you will have whilst snowboarding.

You should dress in layers, with a three-layer system generally thought to be best: an outer later, a middle layer, and a base layer. Warmth, weight and moisture management being considered for each of those layers.

Protect your head and ears from low temperatures with a comfortable hat or beanie and, over that, wear a snowboard helmet. Goggles should be worn to protect your eyes from snow, wind and tree branches. Opt for gloves which are waterproof, durable, and have a fleece or other synthetic-based insulated lining. - 30675

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Various Types Of Snow Skiing

By Adriana Noton

Snow skiing is more than just one sport, it's a group of sports. Different kinds of equipment are necessary, including skis, boots, and boot bindings. It is usually divided into two generalized categories ' Alpine and Nordic.

Cross-country skiing, also known as Nordic, has been around for a long time. Tracing its roots to Norway and Sweden, Telemark and ski jumping are also types of Nordic skiing. The bindings on the boots in this sport attach to the skier's boots' toes, and the heels have no bindings.

However, Alpine is different. Tracing its roots to the Alps of Europe and also known as downhill, the bindings attach differently. They fasten to both the toes and heels of the skier's boots.

Types of alpine include alpine freestyle, freeskiing, and freestyle. They all have similar characteristics including aerial jumping and balancing acts. The acrobatics can be extreme.

Going beyond that extreme is freestyle skiing because its participants are known for doing aerial stunts and tricks. Outdoor parks known as terrain parks are where these skiers hone their skills. Imagine a skateboard park for skiers.

Freeskiing, also known as freeriding, is related to freestyle skiing, but it has one major difference. Instead of being relegated to terrain parks, freeriders use natural spaces such as mountains and remote backcountry lands. Freeriders often use cliffs, steep inclines, and naturally-made ski runs to enhance their experiences.

Nordic skiing is also referred to as cross-country. No preconceived ski area is necessary for this, as it comes from a very old kind of ski race. Participants raced on terrain that was partly uphill, partly downhill, and partly flat. Before it became a well-known race, cross-country was more known as a way of travel in winter.

Freestyle cross-country is slightly different. As long as the origin of power is human, any method can be used to move along on the skis. The classic way to ski cross-country is similar to the freestyle method, but any skating action is prohibited.

Skiing competitions have always been popular. Downhill racing, Nordic jumping, and slalom racing, in particular, are even more popular. Racing downhill is simply a matter of racing down a hill toward a predetermined finish line as fast as a skier can.

Slalom racing is similar to downhill racing, save for one major difference. Racers must past through a series of slaloms on the way down to the finish line. A slalom is a gate formed with two poles, one red and one blue. Racers must pass between the two poles forming each gate.

Nordic jumping entails racing down a jump, or ramp, and then flying through the air as far as possible until landing on the ground. Ski poles are not used. It is a popular Winter Olympic sport.

Most people assume that snow is necessary. However, this is not true for dry slope skiing. In this sport, participants ski on dirt or dry snow. The slope is not necessarily dry, but there is a layer of moisture or mist that allows skiers to go faster. There is less damage to the skis and less friction build-up, as a result. - 30675

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With Extreme Sports Wall Decals Your Bedroom Walls Will Bring Life Size Action

By Angela Parker

If you're interested in extreme sports like Motocross, skateboarding, BMX or snowboarding, then you'll want to read about how to show your fan pride with extreme sports wall decals. After reading this article, you should be able to see how to show your sports enthusiasm with removable wall decals.

The really cool thing about wall graphics is that they can be applied to any clean smooth surface. And because they're made to be restuck to walls and surfaces, you can take them down and move them to other locations.

In a household of extreme sports fans, wall decals for kids are going to have a rough life. Fortunately extreme sports wall decals are tough enough to be scraped, getting food and other stuff on them and because they are fade resistant, they can be hung in direct sunlight. They are also very easy to clean and can take the rigors of being moved without a problem.

Do you love watching extreme sports like motocross? Then how about having a life sized image of Brian Deegan hanging hands free upside down as he does one of his famous tricks fixed right next to the TV where you watch it in real life? If you have this, then you will be able to draw inspiration from him even when you are not watching him on TV.

Is your dad getting on in age? It is tough getting old, and what makes it tougher is that half of the extreme sports that you enjoy, like snowboarding, were not even around when he was your age, so you definitely need to get him his own sports wall decals of Travis Rice. Even if he is unable to leave the sports wall decals hanging all the time, when you watch the latest competition with him you can show your pride by putting it up for the event.

Remember when you were young and felt like you were no good at anything you did? Find out which sport he's into and then go out and get him the gear to do it and some extreme sports wall decals to get him inspired. Hang out with him. Show your pride in him and get him fired up.

Better yet, when he has all the gear and is out there giving it his best effort, why not get the camera out and take a photo of him in action? You can then use this picture to make your own life sized custom vinyl wall decal of your son doing what he loves.

Action sports are primarily one person pitting themselves against a challenge. Having sports wall decals of the heroes of these sports can only encourage your own kids to explore how to be successful as their own person.

Extreme sports wall decals depict high performing and achieving individuals in action. Fans of this sport can come to realize that individual achievements are not only very important in life, but they are also very possible. Knowing that you can rely on yourself to accomplish goals is a trait that is invaluable in life.

As you can see, there are some real benefits of the wall graphics, so why not jump in right now, show your fan pride and get yourself one. Bond with your kids, understand what they are into and get them their own wall graphics today! - 30675

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What Are The Advantages Of A Two-Way Radio?

By Fabina Barorelli

Two-way radios used to be thought of as toys that children played army with. It was exciting to be able to talk to your buddies who where two or three blocks away. Well two-way radios are still used as toys by many children today but they have grown up and are now used for many other purposes too. They are used for personal purposes, business uses and government purposes.

If you and your spouse are going your separate ways at the shopping center, you can use them to find each other later on. Many people use two-way radios to stay connected with friends or family members on road trips when more than one car is being used. If someone gets lost, it is a good way to help them get back in the right road.

Emergency services use two-way radios also. They depend on them for communicating within their specific areas. Police departments, fire departments, emergency weather services and emergency medical services all use two-way radios. Can you imagine a fire fighter stopping to dial his/her cell phone in the middle of a fire to reach a fellow fire fighter? I don't think so.

Many large retail stores use two-way radios so that workers from one department can easily check on a price or the availability of a specific item in another department without wasting time running over to the department. Customers in retail stores can use two-way radios to contact customer service representatives when they need specific help also. It just makes business run a little more effectively.

Aside from personal use, two-way radios are used extensively in business. They provide the best short range communications methods in many cases. They are used in tall buildings by security staff to carry out their jobs. UHF radios make communication better in buildings and in situations where physical obstructions are a factor. They do not travel as far as VHF radios so to be effectively used, everyone will need to be in the same building.

Another group that makes use of two-way radios are government agencies like police departments and fire fighters. Paramedics use them to communicate with hospitals as they are bringing patients in to the emergency room. Many weather alert systems use two-way radios because they provide the most reliable service when storms are moving in. Emergency services uses two-way radios because they can depend on them for immediate contact with others in a time a crisis. So you see that two-way radios are used in a lot more venues than most people ever thought about. They are used because of their reliability and voice clarity. They are also more economical in many situations.

Two-way radios may be around the same price that you will pay for a cell phone. Obviously, this depends on the level of radio or phone you are considering. The prices will vary quite a bit depending on what they include, etc... just like a cell phone varies. However, after you have the radios, there are no monthly fees. This makes them even more useful whether for business, personal or government agencies.

The voice clarity is a major advantage. They are also much less expensive to operate than a group of cell phones. The only limitation is the distant their signals carry. Maybe one day that will be improved on. For now though they are very useful just the way the are. - 30675

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Staying Fit by Having Fun: Cross-Country Skiing vs Downhill Skiing

By Wayne G. Harold

Winter time has a way of freezing even your favorite outdoor activities. Running on ice and dipping in frigid waters are not an option, unless you have armadillo skin. The freezing cold of winter can certainly make you feel cooped inside. It can be dampening to your active spirit but don't let it. There are a number of winter sports and activities that you can enjoy and take advantage of so you can still get outside for some calorie burning and cardiovascular activities to keep yourself in great shape - and that's excluding shoveling of snow.

If you are looking for such alternatives, it may be worth your while to consider cross-country skiing as a smart option. It can certainly provide you with the opportunity to burn calories and keep you in shape while also having great fun on the aside. A lot of people may not realize it but cross-country skiing is considered by many exercise gurus as the best form of aerobic exercise. This winter sport simultaneously makes use of both arms and legs during the activity and it is guaranteed to burn as much 400 to 1400 calories, contingent to your current body weight of course; the intensity by which you ski; and your willingness to ski hills.

People often ask about how cross-country skiing differs from downhill skiing. There are a few differences that sets these two winter sports apart, but technically it is more the way the skis are built and how they re used that mark the difference.

Cross-country skis are lighter in made and when used, only the toe of the boot is attached to the ski to keep the heel free for the cross-country skiers to have more freedom to go up and down hills without being encumbered. Cross-country skis are built longer and narrower because they are meant for trekking deeper snow and cross-country skiers are expected to travel across snow covered fields and woodlands. Downhill skis are much wider and when worn, the entire heavy boot is strapped to the ski with a special binding.

Cross-country skiing involves walking and hiking in snow; propelling yourself across a rolling terrain or traversing a relatively flat land surface. Downhill skiing, as the name clearly implies is performed on steep slope. It requires getting to the top of a big hill and sliding down to the bottom at high speed, using poles and ski.

If you are one of those who fast speed and challenges, downhill skiing is one winter sport that can provide both and you will definitely want to do this. Downhill skiers claim that there is nothing more invigorating that the rush of the thrill this winter sport brings, speeding down the mountain with such amazingly high speed.

Cross country skiers are generally more sedate but truly don't mind the effort it entails to snow trek. It is actually a great alternative for hard-core runners who are looking for outlets to vent their yearning to run during winter time. Like running, the number of calories you burn in this winter sport is gauged by speed and incline. Not quite as breath-taking as downhill skiing, true, but the perfect blend of maximum cardiovascular exercise and the chance to enjoy the great views of wonderland outside are priceless experiences you don't want to miss.

Whichever of the two catches your fancy, the point is, all forms of skiing provide not just great fun; they're also a great way to stay in the best physical shape during winter. - 30675

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